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A large mysterious building has appeared over the horizon. Could this be the work of an old rival?

Fight through 70+ stages of retro action and strange internet culture, as you make it through Chungo's Gauntlet. There'll be many traps, strange enemies and strong bosses waiting for you. 

Good luck, and watch out!

This game is heavily inspired by I Wanna be the Guy and many of its fangames, in fact you might even consider this a fangame. Although these types of games are often unfairly difficult and feature frustrating traps, an attempt has been made to make this game's traps more fair and less frustrating (haha, yeah right).

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Tags2D, Abstract, Boss battle, iwbtg, Meme, Pixel Art, Retro


ChungosGauntletV1.2.zip 104 MB

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cool game 10/10

Amazing game.I like the difficulty curve, fun!

Can you make a mac port? i tried running it using Wine and it didn't work.

Cool ass game. I definitely had fun playing through it and didn't want it to end.

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I think it's awesome that you as an outsider (Haven't seen or heard of you before, you might be in some other private servers I'm not aware of) to the general fangaming community is able to hit it right out of the park with such an awesome game. Really shows how new talent really can improve our scene. You display a great understanding of what makes a fangame fun and come with a lot of new and funny ideas on how to make this type of game fun and interesting to play. I'm looking forward to more stuff from you.

Thank you! ^^ It really means a lot to see comments like these! 

I've actually been lurking without an account on delfruit since 2016. I never joined any servers but I've definetely been enjoying many of the fangames and projects that have been released in all those years. 

Love the community <3

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If you decide to make another fangame some day, do consider posting about it in the I Wanna Community discord server when it releases. That helps a lot with bringing immediate attention to your work and helps generate hype.

Again, awesome job on the game. I work with Unity myself so I can tell that a lot of effort was put into this. GL!

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As a big fan of the games this was inspired by, it really intrigued me when seeing it posted in a IWBTG-related Discord server. I'm so glad it did because this was downright pretty amazing, it's really just everything someone could want from a game like this. Looking forward to convincing everyone I know to give it a try. 

And special thanks for the more reasonable difficulty than those inspirations, it really means that most people should be able to play it and enjoy which is so cool to know. 

Thank you!! I really appreciate it ^^ 

Also I'm glad you enjoyed the game's difficulty! I tried making the game easier so that some of my friends who don't really play fangames could still give the game a shot.

This game owns. Thank you for making this.

Thank you so much! I love your fangames so it means a lot to me that you like it!

thank you Jane Chef, very cool!